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Doubling on Woodwinds

How to integrate the practice of flute, clarinet and saxophone

Doubling on Woodwinds was envisioned as a work plan for woodwind players that allows for a more efficient daily practice of their doublings. Whether your primary instrument is flute, clarinet or saxophone, this book will help you improve your skills with each instrument.

It is an efficient and organized method, which saves time and provides tangible progress.
If you are a woodwind instrumentalist interested in starting to develop your doublings, or if you have been trying to improve your doublings without success, this book is what you need.


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Doubling on Woodwinds

Woodwind players are expected to be proficient with multiple instruments in the family, and the process of getting acquainted with them is often more tedious and cumbersome than it need be. This book is not intended to replace traditional method books for each of the instruments, but rather to complement them. My intention is to integrate the practice of several instruments and turn that into the learning process of one larger subject: the woodwind family.

We will address only the most commonly used doublings in the woodwind family; flute, saxophone, and clarinet, but the concepts can be easily translated to any instrument. The basic premise is quite simple. Instead of practicing different exercises on each instrument, we will play the same phrase on all instruments, working in all keys, through the entire range of each instrument. This way of practicing makes proficiency on all instruments more accessible and less stressful.

About the Author

Mario Cerra

Mario Cerra attended Berklee College of music starting in 1998 after having been
awarded a B.E.S.T. scholarship. During his tenure at Berklee Mario received the
prestigious Joseph Viola Award and the Woodwind Department Achievement Award. Since
that time he has been performing, recording and teaching worldwide.

Currently Mario resides in Boston, MA, where he has established himself as a performer
and music educator.
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