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Symmetric Source Scales over the Circle of Fifths

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Scales are organized by amount of Modes. Click on the scale's name for detailed information.

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Find/Browse using different scales lists...

ALL 1948 Scales in Music including un-named structures

Often-used Scales in Music (known / named)

ALL 333 Source Scales including un-named structures

Often-used Source Scales (known /named)

All Symmetric Scales (including their modes)

All Symmetric Source Scales

All Bi-Triadic Hexatonic Scales (including their modes)

All Bi-Triadic Hexatonic Source Scales

All Triads and Sus-Chords

All Seventh Chords

4 Scales with 1 Mode

 Augmented Triad (3 notes) M3 M3 M3 

 Diminshed 7th (4 notes) m3 m3 m3 m3 

 Whole Tone Scale (6 notes) W W W W W W 

 Chromatic Scale (12 notes) H H H H H H H H H H H H 

4 Scales with 2 Modes

 Messiaen V Truncated (4 notes) H P4 H P4 

 Dom7b5 (4 notes) M3 W M3 W 

 Messiaen Inv. III Truncated n2 (6 notes) H m3 H m3 H m3   

 Half Diminished (8 notes) H W H W H W H W 

4 Scales with 3 Modes

 Messiaen V (6 notes) H H M3 H H M3 

 Raga Indupriya India (6 notes) H m3 W H m3 W   

 Messiaen II Truncated n3 (6 notes) m3 H W m3 H W   

 Messiaen III Inv. (9 notes) W H H W H H W H H 

2 Scales with 4 Modes

 Messiaen IV (8 notes) H H H m3 H H H m3 

 Messiaen VI (8 notes) H H W W H H W W 

1 Scales with 5 Modes

 Messiaen VII (10 notes) H H H H W H H H H W