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Christmas Puzzles by mDecks Music

"It's the most wonderful App of the Year"

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"Christmas Puzzles is a Song-and-Picture-Puzzles App"

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Solve Christmas-themed audio and visual puzzles that will be fun for the whole family. These puzzles will challenge the mind and test your knowledge of the Yuletide season. Game-shows and quiz shows lovers will thoroughly enjoy playing with Christmas Puzzles by mDecks Music.

Keep your eyes uncluttered with this AD-FREE app. Have fun and relax playing a game with NO ADS!

Share puzzles on Facebook & Twitter:
Gain power-ups credits by sharing unsolved puzzles on Facebook or Twitter and get help from your friends.
christmas puzzles by mdecksRate the app for FREE power-ups:
Take just a few minutes to review the app on the app store and receive power-up credits to solve puzzles.

Types of puzzles:
• Close-up picture puzzles
Can you tell what it is, or is it too close?

• Decipher pictures containing hidden christmas messages
Use your logical reasoning to find out what the hidden word or phrase behind the image is.



• "Name that Song" puzzles
Listen to a few bars of a Christmas song and guess the word or phrase. F.Y.I., the phrase is not always the title of the song :)

christmas puzzles by mdecksPower-Ups:
Depending on the type of the puzzle you will have different power-ups you may use at any time to help you find the answer.
• Unmask
Shows the first missing or incorrect letter within the answer.

•Reveal & Skip
Shows the solution to the puzzle and goes on to the next one

•Zoom and Slides
In close-up picture puzzles you may zoom out or slide the picture in any direction to help you solve the puzzle

•Hints & Clues
You have three available hints and clues per puzzle. You may use them at any time.