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mDecks Ear Training 1 : Intervals, Triads & Sevenths

NOW AVAILABLE for iPad & Android

Ear Training app Vol. 1: Intervals, Triads & Sevenths

ear trainingmDecks Ear Training will develop you musical ear by using a different and new approach. You will learn how a musical element sounds (alone and in context) by searching for them.


It is way better to PLAY what you HEAR than to hear what you play!

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mDecks Ear Training 1 focuses on Intervals, Triads and Sevenths

A set of circles containing musical elements in a class (interval, triad, rhythm, melody, etc) will be shown on the screen. You will have to listen to them and decide which one contains the requested musical element.

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mDecks Ear Training 1 Free
mdecks ear training 1


mdecks ear training app
Elements will be presented alone and in context: In advanced stages you will have to find the circle that makes the requested element when combined with the background music!

mDecks Ear Training will guide your study step by step, increasing the level's difficulty as your hearing improves from Beginner to Master level.

There are 6 Stages, each stage contains 6 Levels: Listen&Learn, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, Master, and each level contains a set of exercises that you will need to conquer to access the next one. More than 120 sets of exercises!
mdecks ear training 1 stages

In each exercises the app detects how well you are performing to guide you through the entire set of levels and stages. Once you've finished the entire app you will be a Master at recognizing intervals, triads and sevenths

Stages in mDecks Ear Training 1:
Stage 1: Intervals
(melodically up, melodically down, harmonically)
Stage 2: Intervals in Context
(several soundtracks at different levels in all keys)
Stage 3: Triads
(melodically up, melodically down, harmonically)
Stage 4: Triads in Context
(several soundtracks at different levels in all keys)
Stage 5: Seventh Chords
(melodically up, melodically down, harmonically)
Stage 6: Sevenths in Context
(several soundtracks at different levels in all keys)

mdecks ear training 1 screenshot2

Study Modes:
Guided Study Mode: The app controls the levels availability based on your progress
Free Study Mode: You can play any stage and level freely.

Two Play modes: You may choose between to play modes
1. Drag over: you listen to the sounds behind the circles by dragging a play button over them and then tap to make your choice.
2. Tap & Hold: you listen by tapping and holding on a circle and you make your choice by double tapping.

Endurance Mode on/off: The next exercises starts immediately after.

Music Notation on/off: You may enable music notation (when available) if you want to recognize musical elements using prefect pitch (if you have it) and/or music theory (by recognizing the requested item from the staff)

Wave String: You may view the signature wave of an interval, triad or seventh if you want to use a visual input as an aid in memorizing the sound.

Volume Balance: control between the background music (context) and the sound behind the circles.

Statistics: A record of your performance is kept in the stats panel (one for the free mode and one for the guided mode)