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Tessitura Pro

Tessitura Pro iconThe Complete World of Scales, Modes & Melodic Patterns.

 Tessitura Pro on the App Store (iPhone / iPad) iPhone/ iPad / iPad-Pro version

Tessitura Pro on the Mac App Store (laptop / desktop) macOS version

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Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro

"...This app wins our strongest recommendation for an app so far." - The Berklee Groove

See Music icon Tonal Harmony, Reharmonization Techniques, Cadences, Inversion, Chord-Scales.

iPad Only (version 6.19)


macOS (version 5)


Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro is the most INNOVATIVE and EXTENSIVE music tool for musicians out there. Study Tonal Harmony like never before! Write your own music using a map that reveals the secrets of tonality.

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See Music & See Music Pro

See Music icon iPhone/iPad/iPad-Pro version


macOS version (Pro)


Sight Reading for All Instruments and Voice.
See Music is available for iPhone & iPad on the App Store.
See Music Pro is available for macOS on the Mac App Store.
"See Music" is a complete sight reading training method for musicians, music students and teachers. Now you can master your sight reading skills with this extensive app. Whichever your instrument (or instruments), "See Music" will take your playing and sight reading skills to the next level. Now with music Dication.

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Politonus icon Avaliable for iPhone, iPad & iPad Pro

Politonus on the App Store<strong></strong>

Multi-pitch Ear Training Method. Develop Perfect and/or Realitve Pitch with this world famous ear training method.

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mDecks Music

Music Theory and Practice. Music Apps and Books.

Welcome to mDecks Music. Browse for amazing music apps or visit our mDecks Music YouTube channel for tons of content.


mDecks.com: Music Apps, Music Books, Music Video Tutorials and, other music rersources for teachers and students.

"Without Music, Life would be a mistake."

mDecks Music is committed to the development of sophisticated resources for music education. Our products offer a wide range of services from instrumental instruction, online piano videos to harmonic analysis, music theory, rhythmic training, music puzzles, ear training for kids and much more. Beginner and college students, professors and professional musicians will find a wealth of resources in our music catalog.
We have music theory apps for all levels. From music theory for dummies and beginners to advanced music.
We use the latest technologies to design innovative tools and improve traditional training methods in order to make music learning more efficient and exiting.

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Mapping Tonal Harmony

Workbooks 1-7

Upper Structure Triads

Jazz Piano Voicings

Doubling on Woodwinds

by Mario Cerra

Music Theory

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro

Ear Training


Music Scales

Tessitura Pro

Music Intervals & Chords

mDecks Ear Training

Music Games

Kids Ear Training

Saxophone Music

20 Saxophone Tricks of the Trade

Piano Online

60 Top Hat Piano Grooves Vol.1

Guitar Riffs

60 Top Hat Guitar Licks

Jazz Saxophone

How to Play Saxopone

Music for beginners

How to Play Flute

Clarinet Music

How to Play Clarinet

ABRSM Music Theory 1

Music Theory Puzzles 1

ABRSM Music Theory 2

Music Theory Puzzles 2

ABRSM Music Theory 3

Music Theory Puzzles 3

ABRSM Music Theory 4

Music Theory Puzzles 4

ABRSM Music Theory 5

Music Theory Puzzles 5

ABRSM Music Theory 6

Music Theory Puzzles 6

Classical Music

Bach Rhythmic Studies

Classical Music

Mozart Rhythmic Studies


Elementary Rhythmic Training

Music Games

Sounds of Christmas by mDecks Music

Music Games

Sounds of Halloween

Music Games Puzzles

Christmas Puzzles

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Blue in Green Reharmonization

Re-harmonization and piano arrangement of Blue In Green (Composed by Miles Davis) by Ariel J Ramos, composer, pianist using upper structure triads.
Download Blue in Green Reharmonization sheet music as a free PDF

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Understanding the Map

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 6 is an interactive music theory app accompanied by 7 workbooks to teach and study tonal harmony.

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Do you want to practice “{{curItem.name}}” in all keys at any tempo?
Study tonal harmony with a map that reveals the secret of tonality.

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro Free PDF Free Audio