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Best Interactive Music Theory Apps. From tonal harmony, music scales & modes to sight-reading and ear training. Study Music Theory like never before with our apps.


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Music Theory Books

Music Theory Books from Decoding the Circle of Fifths, Upper Structure Triads, Tonal Harmony to Piano Technique, Doubling on Woodwinds, Rhythmic Training.


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Free Online Music Theory Lessons & Tutorials. From Reharmonization Techniques, Advanced Jazz Chord-Scales to Decoding Beethoven.


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Advanced Musician's Toolbox 2 (iOS)

Four Music Apps every musician should have.
• Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro (Play-along, Music Theory & Tonal Harmony)
• Tessitura Pro (Scales, Modes & Melodic Patterns)
• See Music Pro (Sight-reading)
• Politonus I (Ear Training)

What Critics Say.

  • “...Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro wins our strongest recommendation for an app so far.”

    The Berklee Groove
    Berklee College of Music
  • “A must have for all musicians, music students, teachers.” (Tessitura Pro)

    A. Kaskel
  • “ app that blew my mind!” (Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro)

    Damian Erskine
  • “"See Music is the most comprehensive and well thought out system for learning how to sight read."”

    NYU Composer

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Our Best Selling Apps

4 Music Theory Apps you didn't know existed and will take your music knowledge to the next level in no time. Click on any of the icons to learn more.

Mapping Tonal Harmony

Tonal Harmony, Chords & Cadences

Tessitura Pro

Scales & Modes

See Music Pro



Ear Training