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Interval Trainer Vol. I

Learn how to recognize all intervals within the octave

Ear Training, Beginners Level

ear training Learn how to recognize all intervals within the octave. Load Vol. 1 to your Phone or MP3 Player, play it in your car. Practice while you drive or go for a walk in the park :).

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It is way better to PLAY what you HEAR than to hear what you play!

The Interval Trainer Vol. I package consists of an e-booklet, and two sets of audio files (a preparatory set and a practice set).
The ebook is in PDF format and the audio files are in high quality (320) mp3 format.

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The preparatory audio set will teach you how to recognize intervals by pairs. (For example: In track two, only Major and Minor Seconds are played. In track three, only Major and Minor Thirds are played)

In each track, the pair of intervals are announced and a song (which starts with each interval) is played as mnemonic support. The intervals are then played melodically and then harmonically. There will be a short pause for you to try identifying the interval and then the interval is spoken.

Here is a snippet with major and minor 3rds:

Miscellaneous tracks: When the intervals have been mastered in pairs, you can try the miscellaneous tracks.
M-Track 1: All Perfect and Major intervals.
M-Track 2: A 12 minute workout with all intervals.

Here is a snippet of the 12 minute workout:

All Intervals Track-Set.
The second set of audio tracks contains all intervals played melodically and harmonically (one interval per track). This set has been designed to use in a play-list which should be played in shuffle mode in loop all. Thus the student will have an endless track with all possible intervals in random order. Load it to your iPod (or any other player) or play it in your car.

Booklet contents:
1. An introduction to interval theory
2. Mnemonic Table with songs by interval
3. How to use the tracks and how to create a play-list from the all intervals track set.

Is Vol. I the right level for you?
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