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MTH Pro 9 With The Analyzer Add-on
Already available for macOS (coming soon for iOS)

A.I. Auto-Analysis. Write Songs Using Text. Open MUSIC-XML Files. Heat Map Analytics. Song Playlists.

The Analyzer in Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro

Practice, Practice, Practice.

With pro quality backing tracks, and thousands of tunes fully analyzed, Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro will take your playing to the next level in no time.

Practice & Jam

Interesting and consistent pro sounding backing tracks that will keep you inspired all day.

Improve Your Musicality

Play accompanied by an app that understands how harmony works. Mapping Tonal Harmony will always play the right stuff.

A.I. Players

Choose your favorite piano/guitar players and put them in the rhythm section. Bill, Duke, Herbie, Wynton, Joe or Pat can play in the next song.

Harmony Map

Interact with a map that shows you the reveals the secrets of harmony. Create and find new paths in music like never before.


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MTH Pro is the Perfect Music Companion
From Classical to Jazz and Everything in Between
Created by Berklee College of Music Alumni

Practice, study and teach with a backing band that always gets it right

Your own band at your fingertips

Carry it on your iPhone, iPad or macBook, and have your own backing band ready to perform for you whenever and wherever you are.

Gigs & Rehearsals

Use MTH Pro as a fakebook. Transpose songs to any key. Reharmonize on the fly. Enable upper structures (or target notes) for your solo, and enable Stage-Mode.

Teaching & Studying

The seven levels in the map will take you from simple diatonic functions and cadences to the most complex advanced tonal harmony concepts in no time. MTH Pro will change the way you look at harmony forever. Study Beethoven, Charlie Parker & The Beatles. From Classical to Jazz to Pop, MTH Pro knows it all!

Learn Chords & Voicings

Whether you are a piano or guitar player, MTH Pro got you cover. Load your favorite players and learn how they would play chords over specific changes.

Mixer & Sound

You want Duke to play the guitar? or on a Rhodes? Which type of bass do you need? Drums? Adjust volumes, compression, reverb. Create your own mix of any song and save it. Or mute your instrument to let them know you are in charge of that one.

Interactive Map

Create, study and learn how any song works in no time. Learn all the chords in a key at one glance. Click on the chords to hear how they sound. Try infinite harmonic variations of your song in a sec.

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro Features

Unlike other play-along apps (which only understand chord symbols), Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro uses harmonic functions, so that the A.I. players can decide which voicings and bass-lines are the best to use in each song.



Reharmonization & Workouts

Upper Structures

Target Notes

Harmonic Analysis

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro vs. iReal Pro

The Map Explained

Why you'll Love it

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro is musical, and an endless source of inspiration. This app will take your playing and music knowledge to new levels.

1300+ Jazz Standards Progressions with Harmonic Analysis, Arrows & Brackets and Chord-Scales.
Based on Berklee's Harmony and created by Berklee College of Music alumni.
MTH Pro is so extensive you will enjoy working with it for years to come. Write and develop your own songs. Practice chord-scales, voicings, upper structures (add-on), target notes (add-on), reharmonization. Loop a few measures to get that section right. Create 12-Key workouts. Transpose, mix, choose different A.I. players, groove style and tempo.
With ten different map templates, from Baroque to Jazz, MTH Pro knows how different players will approach chord changes. This is the only app the knows how Beethoven or Mozart, Hanckock or McCoy Tyner would play.
If you are a teacher you know how vast the world of harmony is. With MTH Pro you can explain concepts in an interactive and musical way. Seeing all possible functions and cadences at one glance is priceless. You'll love what MTH Pro has to offer.
Yes! All great composers had and have a map of harmony in their heads. Now you have a tool that will help you develop and write music from a mature approach. Leave no stone unturned!

The Beautiful macOS Version.

Get Mapping Tonal Harmony for macOS and compose, analyze and reharmonize like a pro

Song Catalog

Map Levels

Harmonic Functions

A.I. Players

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro Workbooks

Study harmony using this book collection. One workbook for each level of the map.

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MTH Pro Canvas Poster 24x18 inches

A beautiful map that reveals how harmony works in a 24x18 poster.
Ideal for music class, music schools, music teachers and music theory fans.

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro Canvas Poster 24x18

MTH Pro Awesome T-Shirt

It's Intriguing • It's a Conversation Starter • It's Awesome :)

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro T-shirt

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Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro