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Decoding the Circle of Fifths

Analysis, Structures and Subsets • A graphical approach in the study of relationships between structures over the circle of fifths.

Decoding the Circle of Fifths package

How many major triads are there in the Mixolydian Mode? ...where are they?
Which pentatonic scales can I use to improvise in a V7alt chord?
Can I build a diminished chord that fits the Blues Scale?
Which are all the modes in the Harmonic Minor Scale?
Can you find all possible symmetrical modes with 4 notes?

The Decoding the Circle of Fifths package will help you find all these answers and many more by using a graphing approach to structures and subsets in music.

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The Decoding the Circle of Vths package consists of an ebook, the "Decoding the Circle of Vths" chart, and manual to the mCircle Online software (which is free to use and accessible using any internet browser) Both, the chart and the ebook are in PDF format.

There are endless ways to apply the concepts presented in the “Decoding the Circle of Vths” chart. From jazz improvisation and voicings to tonal and atonal music composition and theory, many exercises and studies can be designed using this graphical approach to musical structures over the circle of fifths.

The ebook Contents:
1. A formal introduction to the concept and nomenclature. Definitions of modal structures, normal vectors, structure transformations and more, with examples and exercises for each one.
2. A description of the "Decoding the Circle Vths" chart's layout and how to use it when applying the concept.
3. A set of exercises and ideas on how to apply the chart and concept to Jazz improv, Voicings, Composition and Arranging.
4. A brief manual on how to use the mCircle Online software.
5. An appendix with worksheets for studying and applying the concept.


Decoding the Circle of Fifths Chart explained

circle of fifths chartThe "Decoding The Circle of Vths" Chart is laid out as a poster sized page of 18 x 24.

A high resolution PDF format.




The chart is organized in six sections:

The Circle and the Mode/Transposition Formula

  • Symmetry and Inversions over the circle
  • Limited-Mode Structures
  • Most Common Source Scales and their Modes
  • Secondary & Substitute Dominants
  • Small Structures. Useful subsets candidates

Every structure is graphed over the circle of 5ths with its modal vector and the M (# modes) number for that structure. All structures with limited modes are included in the chart. Major, Melodic and Harmonic minor and their modes. Small structures such as triads and tetrads are also included.

The "Decoding the Circle of Fifths" chart was designed to be a helpful tools in the study of often used structures and their relationships over the circle of fifths.


How to use mCircle

A quick guide that shows how to use mCircle in two simple steps


"mCircle" Online software

circle of fifthsmCircle is a free javascript Online application that can be used in any browser. It was designed to assist the student in graphing structures over the circle of Vths and finding all possible subsets contained in a main structure.

There are 3 main sections.
Top left section: Main structure input and key selection.
Top right section: Subset candidate input and key shift selection
Bottom Section: The resulting graph of all subsets possible subsets contained in the main structure.

Any of the input sections could also be used as a structure search engine, if the structure is found in the mDecks database a standard name, normal vector and M are retrieved and shown.

Structure and Subsets Input Method. There are two methods of input:
a. By using a V’ (vector without the last element) and Node.
b. By using the structure names pop-up (loaded from the mDecks Database)

Launch mCircle here


Download Package Now
Only $9.99