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Tessitura Pro: Advanced Scales, Modes & Melodic Patterns

"A must have for all musicians, music students, teachers."

Now you have ABSOLUTELY ALL SCALES & MODES in music at your fingertips!

A total of 1,948 scales to gain in-depth theoretical knowledge and help you master your instrument.




DOWNLOAD NOW iOS Version(iPhone / iPad)


Tessitura Pro for Mac OS X (click here for the iOS Version) MUSIC THEORY SOFTWARE

In 1959, John Coltrane revolutionized music with his melodic pattern cycles in Giant Steps. Schoenberg defied tonality with his tone rows and Messiaen found the symmetry hidden in music structures with his modes of limited transpositions.

So who is going to be the next pioneer to change the course of music?
We don’t know but we’d love to help. That’s why we’ve created Tessitura Pro, an amazing tool that brings the entire world of scales, modes and melodic patterns at your fingertips.

Tessitura Pro is much more than a thesaurus of scales, modes and melodic patterns, it’s an interactive tool to study and practice like never before.

In Tessitura Pro we have included all musical structures, 333 source scales with a total of 1948 scales and modes. If you’ve wonder how many scales are possible in music, wonder no more… now you’ll have them All!

In Tessitura Pro you can create your own melodic patterns and include different kinds of approaches, escapes tones and ornaments. Tessitura Pro comes loaded with collections of pre-made step-skip patterns, approaches and rhtyhms that will make the creation of new music a breeze.

Pick any pattern, approach, and rhythm from the collections included in the app by simply dragging & dropping into the music staff. Tessitura Pro will apply them to the scale of your choice and write the music for you.
The possibilities are endless.

Study the relationship between source structures and modes, learn about their interval distribution and find upper structures for jazz improvisation, chord voicings and arranging.

Tessitura Pro will help you become the master musician you’ve always wanted to be.
Get Tessitura Pro today and take your music theory knowledge to the next level!

Learn how to use Tessitura Pro Mac. Read the manual

Tessitura Pro

Learn more about how to use Tessitura Pro: The Major Scale in Depth example in our mDecks Music Blog

Learn all scales and modes. Understand the concept of source scales and music structures.

Infinite practice patterns with approaches for any scale, chord, or any other kind of music structure.

Study Upper Structure Triads, Quartals, Sevenths and more... Learn where to use them for improvisation or chord voicings building.

What's New Tessitura Pro 4.1.0 (Mac OSX)

4.1.0 Find Superstructures. Find all scales that you can use to improvise or compose over your current scale or chord. We have also included Sus2, Quartalsin the list of triads and add9 chords in the scales info panel.

4.0.1 We have identified all Bi-Triadic Hexatonic Scales

3.6.3 6 Chords contained in scales and Midi Export (save the pattern, including auto key or auto mode and then open in Sibelius, Finale or any notation program and print the workout, or save it as a PDF)

3.2.1 Guitar Tabs

3.1.3 Time Signatures and Harmonize Patterns

2.1.0 Now you can create random patterns and add Harmony.

1.2.2 The full pattern now saves more relevant info: tempo, triple metter, inversion, and retrograde settings as well as the octaves limit for the pattern range.

Here are a three examples of full patterns you can download and open in Tessitura Pro 1.2.2:
Use Control+Click and Save Link As...

Ascending Traid with a turn ornament.tes

Bluse Scale for beginners.tes

Intermediate Minor Pentatonic.tes

Pattern 1 Messiaen Truncated III (from YouTube Video 1)

Pattern 2 Blues Scales (from YouTube Video 2)

• The complete collection of musical structures: scales, modes, triads and sevenths.

• An entire new set of approaches, escape notes and ornaments. This is ideal in the study of jazz lines and to inspire your compositional ideas. Add them to the first note or to all the notes in the pattern cycle and apply the full pattern to any scale, mode, triad or seventh chord.

Play the assigned chord before the pattern starts, including tensions if desired. Tessitura Pro includes a list of chords where the pattern works best, based on the structure you have loaded.

• Complete structure information with interval weights.

Save Full Patterns and keep track of your progress using written notes or share the patterns with others.

• Use color in the patterns to identify notes by properties (roots, approaches, first-in pattern)

Tessitura Pro

Key Signatures. Standard and non-standard.

• Include the Metronome throughout the pattern. You may now use a Triple Meter Feel subdividing the beat in three.

• Mark structures as Favorite.

• More options in the Structures Finder with new filtering options.

• Distribution of chord-tones, tensions and void notes in substructures, ideal for upper structure triads when building piano voicings and for vertical arranging.

• A complete Help including the Theory Behind Tessitura.

Compare Mac OSX version vs. iOS version

Features Mac OS X iOS
Scales & Modes All scales & modes in music (1,948) Most often used scales and modes (378)
Bi-Triadic Hexaotnics All have been identified and catalogued ---
Symmetric Scales All have been identified and catalogued ---
Time Signatures Any Time Signature Only 4/4
Key Signatures Standard and Non-Standard Key Signatures ---
Approach Notes 1 to 5-note approaches, escape tones and ornaments. 1-note approach (chromatic from above or bellow)
Tensions in Chords Display tensions in chords if needed ---
Listen to Chord before Pattern You can play the assigned chord before th pattern starts ---
Rhythmic Displacement Select a rhythmic displacement to apply to the pattern ---
Intervals Distribution See the intervals distribution for any structure ---
Export as Midi File Save the pattern as a midi file then open in Sibelius, Finale, etc and print. ---
Guitar Tabs Use guitar tabs for scales & melodic patterns Use guitar tabs for scales & melodic patterns
Save Full Patterns Save the pattern as a file ---
Assistant --- Use the assistant to perform common tasks
Filters to find structures Find structures by name, intervals, degrees. Filter by symmetry, unnamed, triads, seventh chords, favorite Find structures by name, note count, intervals and degrees
Alternative names Enter alternative names for the scales, choose the default ---
Mark as Favorite Mark scales as favorite and find them faster ---
Metronome Plays metronome along with pattern if desire, also count off Plays count off only
Redefine Source Structure Change the pre-established source to another mode ---
Rhythm Collection A set of pre-made rhythms to load in the pattern ---
Color Themes Several color themes to choose from ---


All Scales & Modes
The complete set of triads, seventh chords, scales and modes to study. Vast amount of information related to any scale, mode or other structures
Practice Patterns
Practice patterns over scales and modes. Approach notes over any pattern. Create your own or use any of the many included in the app
Find Substructures of any Scale or Mode
Find which scales to play over other scales. Find Upper Structures Triads or Quartals to build interesting voicings and to improvise
Help and Theory
A complete Help with the theory behind Tessitura Pro
Range and Transposition
Choose your instrument's range, transposition and clef
Find scales and modes you can use over different chords
Based on any chord you can search for interesting structures to use in improvisation and composition

Demo Video

Tessitura Pro Tutorial 1
Learn the basic concepts and how the app works
More demos available on our Youtube Channel.


More Tessitura Pro Demo Videos

List of some of the Sturcures included in Tessitura Pro

List of some Source Scales in Tessitura Pro (we can't list them all but here are a few):
Ionian = Major • Melodic Minor • Harmonic Minor • Augmented Triad • Diminshed 7th • Whole Tone Scale • Chromatic Scale • Half Diminished • Messiaen Inverse III Truncated • Messiaen V Truncated • Messiaen III Inverse • Messiaen V • Messiaen II Truncated • Messiaen VI • Messiaen IV • Messiaen VII • Major Triad • Minor Triad • Sus4 Triad • Diminished Triad • Maj7 • Min7 • Min7b5 • Dom7 • Aug7 • Major Pentatonic • Blues Scale • Raga Neelangi India • Dom7b5 • Major Blues Scale • Dominant Bebop • Major Bebop • 7sus4 • Minor Maj7 • Aug Maj7 • Harmonic Major • Neapolitan = Jazz Minor b2 = Neapolitan Minor • Neapolitan Minor • Double Harmonic Major = Byzantine = Arabic = Gipsy major • Enigmatic

List of some Modes included in Tessitura Pro (we can't list them all but here are a few):
Chromatic Scale • Dominant Bebop • Phrygian addb5 Bebop • Mixolydian add#9 Bebop • Lydian addb2 Bebop • Locrian add7 Bebop • Ionian add#4 Bebop • Dorian addb6 Bebop • Aeolian addb9 Bebop • Major Bebop • Mixolydian b9 #9 b13 Bebop • Mixolydian addb9 Bebop • Lydian add#9 Bebop • Locrian add6 Bebop • Dorain add#4 Bebop • Altered Major Bebop • Aeolian add7 Bebop • Ionian • Phrygian • Mixolydian • Lydian • Locrian • Dorian • Aeolian • Messiaen VII • Messiaen VII n4 • Messiaen VII n3 • Messiaen VII n2 • Messiaen VII Inverse n5 • Enigmatic • Enigmatic Mixo add#4 no6 • Enigmatic Lydian b6 bb7 • Enigmatic Locrian add9 • Enigmatic Ionian sus4 • Enigmatic Dorian add7 • Enigmatic Augmented Dominant • Major Blues Scale • Septatonic (Blues) VII • Septatonic (Blues) VI • Septatonic (Blues) V • Septatonic (Blues) III • Septatonic (Blues) II • Septatonic (Blues) I • Major Pentatonic • Pentatonic sus4 b7 • Pentatonic sus4 • Pentatonic Minor b6 • Minor Pentatonic • Harmonic Major • Phrygian b4 • Mixolydian b9 • Lydian Minor • Lydian Augmented #9 • Locrian bb7 • Dorian b5 • Messiaen IV • Messiaen IV n4 • Messiaen IV n3 • Messiaen IV n2 • 7sus4 • 7sus4 3rd Inversion • 7sus4 2nd Inversion • 7sus4 1st Inversion • Sus4 Triad • Sus2 Triad • Quartal • Messiaen III Inverse • Messiaen III Inverse n3 • Messiaen III Inverse n2 • Messiaen VI • Messiaen VI n4 • Messiaen VI n3 • Messiaen VI n2 • Neapolitan • Superlocrian bb3 • Mixolydian b5 b13 • Mixolydian #11 b13 • Lydian Augmented Dominant • Lydian Augmented #6 • Locrian n2 b4 • Double Harmonic Major • Ultraphrygian • Oriental • Lydian #2 #6 • Locrian bb3 bb7 • Ionian Augmented #2 • Hungarian Minor • Messiaen V • Messiaen V n3 • Messiaen V n2 • Neapolitan Minor • Mixolydian Augmented • Lydian #6 • Locrian Dominant • Ionian b2 • Altered Locrian • Aeolian #4 • Harmonic Minor • Mixolydian b9 b13 • Lydian #9 • Locrian n13 • Ionian #5 • Dorian #4 • Altered Dominant dim7 • Half Diminished • Diminished • Min7 • Min7 3rd Inversion • Min7 2nd Inversion • Min7 1st Inversion • Messiaen II Truncated • Messiaen II Truncated n3 • Messiaen II Truncated n2 • Messiaen Inverse III Truncated • Messiaen Inverse III Truncated n2 • Maj7 • Maj7 3rd Inversion • Maj7 2nd Inversion • Maj7 1st Inversion • Aug Maj7 • Aug Maj7 3rd Inversion • Aug Maj7 2nd Inversion • Aug Maj7 1st Inversion • Major Triad • Major Triad 2nd Inversion • Major Triad 1st Inversion • Messiaen V Truncated • Messiaen V Truncated n2 • Melodic Minor • Mixolydian b13 • Lydian b7 • Lydian #5 • Locrian n9 • Dorian b2 • Altered • Raga Neelangi India • Raga Neelangi India n3 • Raga Indupriya India • Dom7 • Dom7 3rd Inversion • Dom7 2nd Inversion • Dom7 1st Inversion • Whole Tone Scale • Aug7 • Dom7b5 • Messiaen VI Truncated • Messiaen VI Truncated • Blues Scale • Raga Hamsanandi, Puriya India • Pentatonic add#9 (Blues) • Mixolydian Hexatonic • Hexatonic VI • Hexatonic IV • Min7b5 • Min7b5 3rd Inversion • Min7b5 2nd Inversion • Min7b5 1st Inversion • Minor Maj7 • Minor Maj7 3rd Inversion • Minor Maj7 2nd Inversion • Minor Maj7 1st Inversion • Minor Triad • Minor Triad 2ndInversion • Minor Triad 1st Inversion • Diminshed 7th • Diminished Triad • Diminished Triad 2nd Inversion • Diminished Triad 1st Inversion • Augmented Triad