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Professional Sight-reading App for all Instruments & Voice. Available on iPhone, iPad & macOS. See Music listens to you and gives you instant feedback on your performance. Audio & MIDI compatible.

Interactive Sight-reading playing your Instrument

Infinite Sight-Reading Exercises

If you are a Music teacher or student you almost certainly know that sight-reading is an essential skill which is usually lacking in almost every student’s arsenal. Becoming a good sight-reader requires many hours of practice (daily practice), consistency, patience and of course, plenty of sight-reading material at a level that is challenging enough for the student.

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See Music composes infinte melodic and rhythmic pieces of music at your level and keeps track of your progress. It includes all instruments and voices, which makes it the ideal practice tool for band, choir and orchestra students alike.

Sight-read like a Pro

See Music was created by Professional Musicians and Teachers. This app will take your sight-reading abilities to the next level in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Try See music Today.

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Exercise Deisgner

Create exercises at your level. Choose range, melodic shapes, key signatures, time signatures, rhythmic vocabulary, and number of measures.

Fully Customizable

Choose any instrument. Practice melodic,rhtyhmic sight-reading, note training or music dictation. Customize the way See Music judges your playing. Metronome and Tuner included, and much more...

Audio and Midi

Play your instrument or use a MIDI keyboard. See Music listens to you and creates a note-by-note performance report instantly.

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