60 Master Piano Grooves

A Complete Piano Course to learn how to groove at the piano with any song. Available Online & on the Appstore
The Complete Piano Method to learn how to groove at the Piano

Why 60 Master Piano Grooves?

"Let me tell you a secret that piano teachers and professional piano players never tell you or forget to mention..."

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60 Master Piano Grooves

Learn how to groove

You want to play your favorite songs at the the piano. You find a piano sheet music of the song and after hours of practice your song sounds very bad or over-simplified, or maybe the score was too hard to play, or it might not even sound like the song at all!
But when you give the same score to any seasoned piano player they will sight-read it and play it beautifully, it will sound exactly like the song while everyone sings along with the music. And by the way, it sounds nothing like the version they are reading, except it sounds much better.

How is that possible! It’s like they know every song!
The answer my friends is very simple. They play like that because they know how to groove!

60 Master Piano Grooves

What's in the each lesson?

Video Lesson - Every groove and its concept is first explained in a detalied video lesson with all the relevant information and then performed using a concrete example as a demo.
Piano Sheet Music - Every groove is accompanied by a piano score
Explanation - The online course contains a complete paragraph explaining the concept in detailed
Metronome - The app includes a metronome for practicing the groove at different tempos
Complete List - Grooves are organized by style and difficulty on an easy to access list. The app keeps track of the grooves you have already watched with a view counter.

60 Master Piano Grooves in Action

mDecks Music Channel Series
Piano Course Prerequisites

The concepts in the course are easy, but you need a basic understanding of music notation, triads and rhtyhms. 60 Master Piano Grooves was created for intermadiate to advenced piano players.

mDecks Music Channel Series
Pop Ballad Groove 1

A simple but very effective pop ballad piano groove. Concepts used in this lessons: Breaking chords, doubling the octave and bass rhythms.

mDecks Music Channel Series
New Latin Style (Demo)

Here's part 3 of an easy latin groove in a contemporary groove style. We combine two previous grooves into one to creat an interesting layerd accompaniment with bass - inner layer - outer layer using even eighth-notes. Pretty cool!

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