Advanced Multi-Pitch Ear Training

Politonus I
iOS Version

Advanced Multi-Pitch Ear Training
Relative & Perfect Pitch
Available for iPhone & iPad/iPad Pro
ONLY $5.99
The Best Ear Training Method

What is Politonus

Recognize from 1 to 11 simultaneous notes using relative pitch or perfect pitch

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iOS Version

Best Ear Training Exercise

This app is designed after a very popular exercise taught by a world famous music education guru in the Boston area. Many generations of musicians from all over the world traveled to Boston and waited in a two-year waiting list to access this information and now it is available to everyone at a low price.

It will help anybody significantly improve their aural skills. From beginners to professionals, this is a great workout for your ears.

Hear from 1 to 11 notes at the time relative to any major key, diatonically or chromatically. Select whether you want to see notes by name, degrees or movable do. It's fun, it includes flexible options, it's very easy to use and extremely effective. Now you can train and open up your ears anytime, anywhere! If you stick to it it will build up your perceptions all the way to near perfect pitch.

iOS version 1.0

Machine Learning Algorithm

Politonus keeps track of your progress and tells you when you've reached a master level in the current settings so you can confidently move on to a more complex ear training workout (Both note streak and accuracy circles will turn green).

Politonus includes a coach with a powerful machine learning algorithm for relative and/or perfect pitch that acts as an ear training tutor. It presents progressive exercises and allows you to step up to a harder level when you are ready.
With Politonus you'll have a great ear training teacher anywhere!

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