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60 Top Hat Guitar Licks Vol 1 by Allen Autry

NOW Available on the App Store for iPad & iPhone

60 Top Hat Guitar Licks Vol. 1 by Allen Autry

60 top hat guitar licks by mdecks coverRenowned guitar player Allen Autry has put together a set of 60 guitar licks for beginner and intermediate guitar players which include essential guitar techniques suchs as string bends, pull-offs, double stops, slides and pinched harmonics.

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Now Available for iPad and iPhone
guitar licksON SALE $1.99


Want to try the first 20 licks of only $0.99 get Part 1. You will also be able to purchase the rest of the licks within the app.

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TOP HAT GUITAR LICKS VOL.1 Part 1guitar licks


60 Top Hat Guitar Licks Vol. 1 learn cool licks & tricks on your guitar

When practicing licks remember to be creative and try changing the rhythm and rhythmic placement of the lick. Also try playing just part of the lick or change one or two notes… combine them with other licks you’ve learned. These are shape ideas using different guitar techniques.


Watch the video lesson and then practice the lick using one of the several jam tracks at different tempos and styles. Pop, Rock, Jazz and Blues.