Sounds of Halloween. It's your own Performance!

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Play the songs with your iPhone.
Be the Perfomer and put on a show for your friends and family

Sounds of Halloween

"Music is Rhythm"

Halloween Songs

Incredible sounds and response with virtually no latency in this fun and educational app. Read more about it in our MusicAppDeveloper's Blog

It's your own performance! Challenge your rhythm with these all-time Halloween classics.

Fun Sounds of Halloween

Play them by using different iPhone-shaking techniques.

Only on iPhone

Sounds of Halloween is only available for iPhone. Compatible with iOS 8.4 and up.


Choose a song by number and play it using your iPhone as hitting imaginary bells.
Can you play the entire song with the right rhythms? If you can't figure out which song it is, tap on the mask button to reveal the song's title

Print the Rhythmic Score

If you want to learn how to read music rhythms, or you just want to practice your sight reading skills, print the score and play the song by following the rhythms. Now, can you name it?

iPhone-Shaking Sensitivity

You may adjust the sensitivity of the iPhone to fit your playing style

Challenge your sight reading skills

Play a song without knowing which one it is!
How good is your Rhythm? You can challenge your sight reading, or learn how to read while having fun playing Halloween Songs.

  • It's your own performance. You might find hidden songs in these Halloween classics, and may be even come up with a new one!
  • Play Halloween sounds we all love.

Halloween Songs

You don't need to know how to read music to enjoy the app but, if you want to use the scores for a perfect performance or to practice sight reading, you may download the ebook in PDF format for free here:

Sounds of Halloween

iPhone Shaking Techniques

There are three different shaking techniques.
• Songs: pretend you are hitting virtual Bells in front of you.
• Continuous Sounds: Shake back and forth constantly
• One time Sounds: One fast movement forward

Reveal Song Titles and Print

If you are in the Songs Page you may tap on the mask icon to reveal the current song's title.
Also available is a rhythmic music score for every song. You can print the individually or all together at once.

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"It's you own Performance. Music is Rhythm."

"A Revolutionary Music App"

You will not find another app like Sounds of Halloween on the App Store :)

Trick or Treat

  • Have Fun
  • Learn Music, Play Music
  • Challenge your mind
  • NO ADS

Sounds of Halloween


  • Halloween Songs
  • Music Scores Print-out
  • Sounds of Halloween
  • Practice your sight reading
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  • NO ADS

Music App

  • Test your rhythm
  • Enjoy scary Halloween Songs and Sounds
  • Be the Music Interpreter!
  • NO ADS

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