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52 Weeks of Practice

A four topics a week organizing system for the entire year

53 Weeks of Practice
Your practice routine is the key to Mastery.

piano technique vol. 1
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There are so many different methods of practicing an instrument. Many teachers focus on repetition while others prefer to search for the musical freedom and expressiveness of the student. Some methods disagree with the practice of scales and patterns; others base all the practice routine on them.


In all this sea of ideas on how to approach practice effectively there is, without any doubt, one common ground, where all methods meet:
Any practice routine must be consistent, organized and must evaluate progress.
Probably the most common reason any practice routine fails, is the lack of organization. Do you know what you were practicing two months ago? What were your goals? What was your level in a certain topic? How much time it took you to learn a certain piece or technique?
Can you evaluate your progress during the last few weeks? There is nothing more satisfactory than knowing how much you have improved after all those hours of practice. Also, there is nothing more important than knowing your weak areas where improvement was minimal or non-existent.
These 52 worksheets will help you create a productive practice routine, where consistency and organization will be the key.

How to use the Worksheets
Each worksheet is a record of your practice for an entire week, based on a four topic-a-week approach. These four topics should be balanced in a way that will make your practice routine challenging yet enjoyable.
For each new record (worksheet): Write the starting date and fill in the top row of the grid with the corresponding days of the week for each topic.
Write a title for each topic you will be practicing during that week, if you are using the mDecks series you can write the card id for future reference. Leave space for comments regarding progress or difficulties you might find during the week. You need not use all of the topic entries in each week (you might want to practice only two during a certain week).
Carefully choose the amount of time you will assign to each topic and mark it on the clock icon at the right and input the approx. amount of minutes in numbers. Remember to be realistic when adding the total of minutes for all the topics since that is going to be the duration of your daily practice.

On every practice session: Examine the current record. Watch for comments you have written down during the previous session.
Once you have finished practicing each topic, write a check mark under the current day and write comments down regarding your practice on said topic.