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Christmas Picture and Song Puzzles

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Close-up Pictures

Can you guess what the object is? Remember, is all about Christmas.

Share Puzzles

Share your current puzzle on facebook and twitter to get help from other Christmas puzzlers and get extra power-up credits for free!

iPad & iPhone Universal

Christmas Puzzles is an universal app available for iPhone & iPad. Compatible with iOS 7.1 and up.

Song Puzzles

How many Christmas Songs can you name? Listen to just a few bars and solve the puzzle by using words from the Song's Title.

Picture puzzles

Use your Christmas knowledge to decipher the puzzle in the picture.


There are clues and tips on every puzzle. You can get hints and zoom out in close-up pictures to help you find the solution.

Challenge your mind

So, you think you can do it? Learn about Christmas while trying to solve these puzzles.

  • Solve Puzzles, challenge your mind
  • Test your Christmas knowledge
  • Post unsolved puzzles to Twitter & Facebook and receive power-us
  • Rate the app and get more power-ups credits
  • Listen to and, remember your favorite Christmas Songs

Let it Snow, let it snow, let it Snow!

O the weather outside is frightful.
But the fire is so delightful.
And since we've got no place to go
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

And enjoy a nice hot chocolate while playing Christmas Puzzles! :)

Demo Video

Can you solve theses puzzles? We have explicitly left out the part where the puzzle is solved so you can test your Christmas "skills".

You'll receive a big surprise after you've finished all the puzzles :)

Power-Ups are Awesome

We want you to have fun so we give you a little help

Zoom & Clues

You can use the zoom power-ups to zoom out or scroll pictures. While in song puzzles or regular picture puzzles you can get three types of clues, and hints to help you find the right answer.

Unmask Letter & Reveal Answer

These are the two more powerful power-ups. You may unmask the next letter in the answer, in fact, it will the "Unmask power-up" will replace a letter you've mistakenly chosen.
If you are stuck in a puzzle and want to skip it you can use the "Reveal power-up", it will show you the answer and go on to the next puzzle

Share & Rate

Remember you can always share and/or rate the app to receive more power-ups credits. If you share a puzzle while playing, you will, not only get plenty of power-ups credits, but will also get help from all your friends.


"It's the most wonderful app of the year"

An App with NO ADS

We dislike ads as much as you do. There are no ads whatsoever. :)


  • Have Fun
  • Learn about Christmas
  • Challenge your mind
  • ADS

Christmas Puzzles


  • Close-U Picture Puzzles
  • Song Puzzzles
  • Decipher Picture Puzzles
  • Share on Facebook
  • Share on Twitter
  • ADS


  • Test your Christmas knowledge
  • Get Tips and Hints
  • Listen to Christmas Sounds
  • ADS

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