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Upper Structure Triads • UST Jazz Piano Chord Voicings Collection

A Complete Practice Method for the Jazz Piano Player

Jazz Piano Voicings using Upper Structures

For a jazz piano player, chord voicings is an essential skill, not only for comping (accompanying or laying the chord progression for other players to improvise in) but also to use those voicings as an improvisational aid. All piano players get many melodic ideas or lines from their voicings. There are many ways of practicing and developing a Jazz voicing language.

What's in the collection : This UST Jazz Piano Chord Voicing Collection is a complete method to study and learn ALL POSSIBLE Upper Structure Triads Voicings over the IIm7 and V7 individually and in the progression IIm7-V7.


Vol. 1: Individual USTs over IIm7 and V7

Vol. 1 Individual USTs over IIm7 and V7
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What's inside this collection?
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Vol. 2 thru 9 Compact:
All possible USTs in every IIm7 - V7 progression

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All possible UPPER STRUCTURE TRIADS in a IIm7 - V7 progression (An exercise in all twelve keys for each possible combination) 138 pages.

What's inside this collection?
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Also available at and Barnes & Noble



pdfdownload"Blue in Green". Piano solo score

Practicing with the books in this collection
Each exercise targets a specific upper structure triad or a progression using USTs and is introduced by a graph of the UST (or pair of USTs in the case of a IIm-V7 progression) with all its properties (Tensions, Chord Tones, suggested mental picture and other info).

A log is included, which permit the students organize their practice routine in blocks of 2 weeks. The student should write the starting day for that block and keep track of their practice on that topic every day. At the end of the block the student should write comments, end date and rate the UST voicing for later use and review.

Decoding the Circle of Vths
All possible triads were found and studied using the Decoding the Circle of Fifths Chart/System. You can find out more about this system following this link: Decoding the Circle of Fifths.