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Reconstructing a Bach Fugue • Revised Edition

25 Studies in Bach's Fugue No. 2 in C minor. Focus Series

Learn or Teach how to play
Bach's Fugue No. 2 in C minor in 25 easy studies

bach vol. 1
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Reconstructing a Bach Fugue (25 studies in Bach's Fugue no.2 in C minor) consists of 25 studies, that will give the student the required theoretical and technical skills to perform Bach's Fugue No.2 in C minor (from the Well Tempered Clavier).

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Included in this book:

• Views - A set of four different views of the fugue. Subject, Counter-Subject 1, Counter Subject 2 and Episodes View. For each view, the entire fugue is presented where standard-notated notes belong to the current active element while the rest of the notes are shown as ghost-notes (or headless notes) thus, making the appearances of the current element very clear for the student.

• 25 Studies - C minor Studies (scales, harmonic progressions, circle of fifths, pattern in thirds) Closed related keys, Secondary Dominants, Sequences, Syncopations, Rhythmic displacement, Compound Melody, Multiple Voices studies, Preparation studies (preparing subject, counter-subjects, episodes), Combining subject and counter-subject and many more.

• Fugue Variation - At the end of the book, the student will find Bach's original version and a new alternative version, entirely based on the original subject, form and structure, a "What-if-Bach-whould-have...?" version.

Qtracks - Each study (including both fugue versions) are available as mp3 downloads on the Qtracks menu here at mDecks. Click on QTRACKS at the top and then enter the mp3 download code shown at the bottom of each page.

The structure/layout in the Focus Series books is the same as the mDecks Series.
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The Focus Series...
The books in this series consist of a set of studies created to develop the fundamental, technical and theoretical skills to conquer a specific piece, or group of pieces, targeting all challenges involved in said piece, using a practical approach.

In each of these books, the student will learn about the composer's approach to composition, harmonic language, and the process used by said composer when the piece under study was created/written.

After playing all the studies, the student will have the required knowledge and technique to perform the piece.